Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 17 in pictures (Megan)

The first picture (or so)I took with MY new camera!!!!

My baby is 14 months old this week

There's a possibility he inherited my long tongue and rolling skillls. :)

Heidi and Elora made german baked pancakes on Saturday
These two went camping and fishing on Manitoulin Island
this weekend.   They came home with rainbow trout, minor sunburns,
and campfire infused clothing.  Tired and happy!
Elora and Heidi are into these eye masks lately.

We put up our trampoline!! 
I love the touch of Heidi's colourful socks in this one.

Will and Brian- buddies (as guys say)

We saw two baby woodcocks on our walk Sunday.

Elora took this one of me. :)
The pinnacle of excitment- I spent a good hour
cleaning and scrubbing this bad boy.

I want to remember that while typing this post I had to use the blunt end of a pencil to hit the "shift" and "enter" buttons.  Samuel somehow removed the two buttons from the keyboard and hid them.

This past week we celebrated Will's 33 rd birthday.  The Children used their own money to buy him some small gifts.  I am amazed at a child's capacity to give so selflessly!
We had a beautiful supper.  He requested barbequed deer steak, baked potatoes with chives, a large mixed green with veggie salad and chocolate cake with penuche icing.  He really enjoyed his Birthday supper! 

Heidi's achievement day leader called to tell me how impressed she has been with Heidi lately.  "She is being a posivive example and a real leader", "She is really maturing" - What a nice thing to hear as a parent!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17 (Katie)

                                                     Last day of gymnastics until the fall.

 Ant farm from Grandma. 
Mixing the plaster of paris and pouring it was fun.

                                                                          The play!

                                                                          It was awesome.

                                                                 Laurie made cake pops.

                                             I'm in negotiations to purchase this lovely lady.

My favourite part of the week? Having my neighbours and others over for the big Jillian Jiggs play. I think we had 16 in the audience. The children were amazing. It was adorable to see them "on stage".
Also, cheering Ezra on in his 1500m race. It was hailing and/or raining the whole time, but he ran anyway. I think he was 4th or 5th. Woot.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 16 (Katie)

                                                                 I love seeing them read.

                                                             There is drama every day.

                              Making birthday cards to mail to dad. This is Seth's drawing of him.

          The oldest two made invitations to our play. We delivered them to the neighbours.

                                                                     Olive turned six!

Fairy Garden party

New bike.

The traditional birthday read.

Favourite part of the week? Celebrating with Olive. Also, laughing until I cried with the kids and Mike after dinner Sunday night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 16 in Pictures (Jane)

A tribute to our Dad on his 61st birthday....

Week 15 in Pictures (Jane)

I was so sick all of this week that I only took this one picture - flowers brought to my bedside by Mom and my girls.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 15 (Katie)

                                                    Building teepees in the backyard.

                                Mike using grapes to illustrate a point during an after
                                                      dinner political discussion.

                                        I decided to end a lame/hard week with a Stuart
                                       McLean concert. I left the baby and Seth at home
                                    and had a date with Olive and Ezra. It was a good choice.

Favourite part of the week? Talking to Jane about my lame/hard week and feeling better. 

Week 15 In Pictures

spring time is coming, is coming today!

Heidi found a baby snapping turtle by the waters's edge at junction creek.

A family walk.-one of my very favourite things to do. 
We went to the park afterwards, 
Will played tag with the kids while I went on the slide with Samuel.

This boy loves to be outdoors. 
He usually finds a stick to carry around right away,
he uses a stone or pine cone as a ball and rolls it along with his stick.
He's very coordinated for thirteen months old.

This week:

*Elora stayed with Grandma and Grandpa after Easter for an extended visit.

*Will and I toured a very old house in Richard's Landing with the idea of renovating it extensively
and turning it into a bed and breakfast.  I think we've decided it's too big of a job and we want to enjoy our kidlets.

*I cut everyone's hair, Heidi wanted hers short, I cut at least four inches off.

*Micah lost his other front tooth.  It's cute to see him toothless when he smiles.

*My favourite part of the week was a mini spa treatment for me from Heidi and Micah. 
They thought it up all by themselves when I was tired after cleaning, I received foot and hand massages, a cup of tea and other niceties.