Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 25 (Katie)

                                                 Art project: Paint rolled marble on canvas.

                                                               Dare I say adorable?

                                                      Heading into the Hilton in TO.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 25 (Jane)

Melanie brought me this lovely bouquet of peonies this week,  I love them so much I went and bought a plant for myself at the greenhouse the next day!

Most of Fraser's clan lining up for a slip down the slide.

I can't believe how much more adventurous this girl is this year!  She went from timid to brave over the winter!

Lovely night for a dip - come and join us!!

Heading off to school on Abbie's kindergarten graduation day.

Graduation girl!

on the walking trail....

Isaac took pictures while we walked home from David's baseball game.

Isaac at the ball tournament in Thessalon on Saturday.

Fraser's artsy roasting stick

Hark!!  Look at this lovely new floor! 

At church I noticed my feet felt glued to the inside of my shoes - this is what they looked like when I finally pulled them out of the gooey black leathery mess inside.  It took a fair bit of scrubbing to get most of it off - and I think it pulled off every little hair on my feet.  Weird.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 25 (Megan)

Will named this "our redneck pool"
His fishing boat filled with hose water.

Three sillies

Week 24 (Megan)

With such a small house, it feels spacious
in the backyard playing in this warm weather.

Micah creating a "Bubble Tree"
Beautiful blue robin eggs.
The mother built the nest atop a wooden ladder we have leaning against the shed

I love our rose bush, it came with lillies I transplanted from Jane.
What kind of rose is this Jane?

Teething.  Molars. Frozen strawberries seem to help.

We know he needs a haircut.  It seems sad to clip his baby ringlets though.

Chicken pox visited our house for the first time.
Micah was an amazing patient, cooperative.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 24 (Katie)

                                                The zoo here is lovely. Just right.

 The theatre Ezra made. He later created a system for opening and closing the curtain. Olive and Seth designed characters.

                                                                        I love them

                                                 Can you guess who made each habitat?

Week 24 in Pictures (Jane)

Abbie reminds me of a little granny stirring a pot of porrige or soup at the stove.

but she's actually making hot chocolate fudge sauce for on top of icecream for the Scott's farewell

blueberry pancakes Isaac and I made Friday morning

David playing with his food

Jody "the rocket" Wildman

Abbie "the bomb" Wildman

David "the spazz " Wildman
Isaac "the pretzel" Wildman

Abbie took this as we drove home from camp.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 23 (Megan)

Elora turned five!

The birthday girl's wish was to head to the Island for birthday fun.
Micah on the dock.


Heidi, Grace, Elora, Abbie and Micah