Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mom Clothes

It's not to the point of hiked up wedgie jeans and a fanny pack, but things are far from pretty over here.

Today it's white sports socks, jogging pant capris  and my husbands t-shirt.
This is definitely a low for me.

My defense:

My one pair of cute jeans (that fit) are in the wash, my feet are cold (and these offensive socks are the first ones I touched this morning) and my "doughy" (as my children affectionately call it) stomach appreciates a nice loose shirt.

So what's a girl to do?

It's time to exercise and take care of this bod- I know, I know. But I'm not quite there. In the mean time I need some sort-of stylin' mom clothes to get me through.

-comfortable (bonus if my hiney doesn't fall out of the pants when I bend over. A tall order, I realize)
-highly washable
-can be ordered online
-doesn't make me look 85.

Help me!


Megan said...

I feel your pain. It's the post baby fat clothes challenge.

The wardobe needed after maternity but before regular thin clothes can be pulled out. Over here I have exactly four pair of pants that sort-of fit. The button hole on the cords is about to rip completly open from the strain of my stomach (this is what happens when you force the thin clothes prematurely).
I challenge you (and me) to do "plank position" everyday for one month, start slowly on your knees instead of up on your toes, working up to one full minute.

For everyday, may I suggest ordering straight leg(not tapered)yoga pants online, comfy, can be higher waisted to suck in some tummy, you can wear them with a zip up hoodie(thus covering snug pants on butt) and fitted t-shirt.

Jane said...

Nice visual imagery! I have been there so many times, I know it's not fun. We need a sister shopping trip! I like Megan's idea of yoga pants - they would look slimming and feel so comfy. I got some capri yoga pants at the Gap outlet in Sudbury last year that I really like. Just remember you are totally hot, even when you feel like a bag.