Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Sentiments

Valentines Day in our house is viewed (by at least one resident) with a certain amount of scepticism mixed with a wee bit of non-conformist rebellion. Flowers, chocolates, love notes hidden in lunches are foregone on this day of romance. However, it does not pass by wholely unobserved. This is the poem I received this Valentine's Day:

Blackberry Poem

Saying I love you with only my thumbs
Is like trying to hold pants up without any bums
Or trying to eat crackers without any crumbs
To express the breadth and depth of my love
To express all the thoughts that I'm thinking of
To describe your eyes, your lips and your laugh
I need the flexibility that ten fingers have
To tell of your legs, your skin and your hair
I need many more keys than I have right here
To speak of your kindness, your cuteness, your mind
I can't use the QWERTY, I want the other kind
For there's much more to you than I can tell with my thumbs
And now I must finish for the tips are quite numb

I imagine some women would be disappointed not to receive a traditional bouquet or glittery red card, but this suits us just fine.
Kind of reminds me of the sympathy card he gave me on our Anniversary.


Megan said...

hillarious! You two definitely share the same sharp wit and love of words. :)

Katie said...


I was hoping to see a picture of the stained glass cookies- did they happen?

thetravellin'mom said...

Thank you for the great giggle! I love this!