Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Week in Pictures (Week 7)

This week I spent some time organizing.

I made dinner for a neighbour who just had her first baby
 and for a lady at church who is so sick with her pregnancy.

Good snack. Peeled it with a knife in the style of Ketrisse.

Sugar cookies for valentines day. These are Olive's creations.
Heart shaped pizzas to celebrate love.

They were delicious.

Annalise was there too.

Again with the dishes- there were a lot of them.

Seth proud of his creations. He made these all by himself.

Ezra was addicted to Harry Potter this week.
It makes me happy to see him in love with reading.
Artsy 4.

Mike built this side table for me. He got the plans from Ana White- love her! I get to stain it now. Yip!

My favourite part of the week was exfoliating Annalise's head. Seriously. It was really satisfying to pick off all her cradle cap nastiness. Gross but true. Also going to the library alone to pick up the 20 or 30 things I had on hold. I love a nice stack of books.

---I want to remember that I typed this post over the period of several hours. I uploaded photos with Seth on my lap. He fell asleep on my arm and I used one hand to click and clack. After laying him down I nursed the baby, had some visitors over and started dinner. I came back to add comments and did so holding Annalise- again one hand click-i-ting and typing. I will miss this stuff one day I reckon.


Jane said...

I am burning with envy over Mike's table!! I've been eyeing it on her site - amazing job! It's perfection!

Great pictures all around. Fun, artsy details of life in general. Seth looks like such a big kid!

Love the pizza too! Cookies... you guys rock!

Jane said...

Katie, just saw the coolest link to this site on Pinterest - the post they had was extracting the DNA of a strawberry - just thought you might find some cool ideas!

Megan said...

Katie you are a rockstar! Way to go serving others. Mike is a great example of continued learning in life. Nice table, truly.

thetravellin'mom said...

I love your pictures, but I especially love your discription of holding the children as you typed. I am at this moment hiding in the bathroom listening to my TEENAGERS argue with each other and say things like "shut up" Until very recently that was a bad word in our home, now it seems to be used way too often... Enjoy the babies, I miss them...a lot!