Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 11 in Pictures (Katie)

Art Journal- where I live sketch.

This week we had beautiful summer weather. Jackets, shirts and shoes came off.

Mike taught the kids the pillow balance game.

She had her first foods- avocado, banana, rice cereal.  She loved it.
She turned 5 months this week!

She is gorgeous.

Wild day at the library-reptile show. All three touched a 9ft green anaconda. 
Refinishing and recovering the kitchen chairs.

The children and I learned how to felt spring chicks.

Annalise and I.


Jane said...

I Love the picture of you and Annalise Katie! Man, you sure have gorgeous children! Can't wait to see you...

Will said...

Yes Olive is gorgeous, didn't you say she takes after me?!

The little chicks are cute, Katie. The refinishing project looks kind of fun. I think it can be energizing to do a project, if you aren't up all night with wee ones, that is.

Megan said...

Ok the above was written by me, I didn't realise Will was signed in as I wrote- funny!!