Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12 in Pictures (Megan)

My handsome husband hard at work. 
We had to do some waterproofing this weekend.
He dug a trench 20 feet long and 5 feet deep
in 4 hours!  Then he put up the blueskin as a barrier.
We discovered, much to our relief,
 that we have weeping tiles around the rest of our house.

Will's hands were very sore and he was exausted, so I took a turn with the shovel.

Helping us finish up a big job. 
Heidi was inside making us all pancakes for supper and watching Sam, it was awesome!
Jen and Jane, two amazing women we really enjoyed having over this weekend.

Elora was our photographer and directed us to make grumpy faces!
I wasn't the only one who enjoyed having company. 

These two had some quality time together.

Jane and Heidi had some silly fun too!
Heidi was thrilled to browse in Chapters
with Auntie Jane one afternoon this visit
and added another book to her Ramona book series. 

Modelling my favourite thrifty finds.

I loved thrift shopping with J&J, we scored some sweet finds!
   We were good at helping each other decide if the clothing suited us or not.
I almost left this one behind until they saw it on me and told me I was buying it!

My four beautiful children.
enjoying a sense of freedom....
Samuel, my sweet.  Love those cheeks!

Another day in the sugar bush for and Micah and Elora. 


Wish I had pictures this week of:

Will's elated face when he made three litres of maple syrup in one day.

Jane and Jen laughing hysterically.

Samuel cradled in my arms, relaxed and content, taking a bottle of warm milk from me for the first time.

My family eating great meals brought over by friends three days this week, to allow me to rest my sprained foot.


Will said...

Megan's grumpy face wins! Too bad Jenn and Jane, you'll have too try harder next time.

Jane said...

Maybe Will should consider a career as a grave digger! Great pictures Megan. I had a lot of fun with you and Jenn.

Katie said...

Micah has a suit- nice! It looks like your week 12 was really fun. Sweet thrift finds!