Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Nine in Pictures (Jane)

Today we celebrated Tiana's 18th birthday with her! She is already accepted into a bio-med program for the fall. The past few years kinda flew by....

David and his friend Avri

Tiana with most of her nieces and nephews.

Saturday we woke to a picture perfect Christmas March.

Grace is not a big fan of winter - she seems to be reconciling herself to all of the snow....

...but once outside, she seemed to have a lot of fun!

Emma -while throwing in firewood

Grace, Abbie and Isaac, posing in the snowy branches

Grace and Isaac

Abbie helping me make apple crisp

The things that I wish I had a picture of this week:
  • Emma playing the piano, singing and highland dancing at Zach's fundraiser Friday night.
  • Isaac at his hockey banquet on Tuesday - his hockey is over for the year!!!
  • Emma, Joel and I trying to push Mr. Nelson's car out of a little ditch (even with the arrival of muscular help - we did not succeed).
  • me - oooops - I missed that this week.


Megan said...

I love the snow pictures! I guess on the upside of the snowfall the moisture will be good for a greener spring.

What direction do you think Emma will take with her music?

Katie said...

Jane your pictures are lovely. Lots of light- love that. I miss seeing a picture of you- that means you have to double up for next week, right? (evil laugh)