Sunday, April 8, 2012

London Children's Museum

My review:

I really liked the feeling in the museum- small, quaint, flooded with light. Meant for those 12 and under, it was obvious this place has been loved by many. By obvious, I mean kinda gross. It's time to give all 3 floors a good scrub, replace the broken bits and re-stock the supplies. (and hire someone to bleach the boy's bathroom- Mike almost died whilst taking Seth to the loo).

                                                         The archeologist dig was fun.

I thought the "A Child Long Ago" rooms were cute. Ezra has read through the entire "Little House" series this month and was disappointed it wasn't a little more interactive- he wanted little slates at the desks and a whip to use as a guarantee against unruly students

Olive liked playing teacher. I was the student. Look how many x's I got before my check mark (represents my incorrect answers- the question was "what is this drawing of?")

                                                         Seth climbing up the slide.

                                                                 I liked the star show.

                     In the "Where you live exhibit."  This made me laugh- creeeeeeeepy Ronald.

Moral of the story? It was okay. It's worth doing if you have really young children and it's a rainy day.
A few coins spent to update and clean and this little museum could become a favourite.


Megan said...

Cool style of summing up your experience at the museum.

Jacob Skinner said...

The London Children's Museum is the best! No updates ... ever. What concerns me most about this post is that you were in London and did not call me!

Katie said...

Yeah, sorry about that. We were in London hanging with some old friends from our Lethbridge days- I bet you know them- Matt and Suzie Burton.