Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 14 in Pictures (Megan)

This week Will took Micah for a trip to his home town of Fort Frances.   They went for a funeral. When they arrived at the funeral, Will found out he was on the program to speak! 

They brought the camera:


Exploring near a stream on the trip.
 They are fairly certain they found flecks of gold in a rock here. 

After 30 hours of driving in a few days
the guys came back to the sugar bush for the last day of collecting sap and boiling.

 Frozen yogurt in a waffle cone is our favourite travelling treat,
they stopped at a great place on the way to Grandma's.

Meanwhile, the girls', Samuel and I enjoyed time on St Joseph Island.  We had a family brunch, Easter Egg hunt, lovely dinner and lively visiting.  I loved going on some long walks. 

While there, we ran out of goat's milk for Samuel's bottle.  Thanks to a local goat, the next day we had the milk which we filtered and voila-pure whole milk for Sam! 
 I love the self sufficiency of this region!!


Katie said...

Will on the program is awesome! What did he say?! Never a dull moment with the Bymans! Cool that Samuel could have fresh goat's milk. Can't say I'd like to join him in a glass, but woot! for him.

Megan said...

When Will had to speak, he spoke on his favourite memories on Donny. This man helped Will through a hard time(when his parents were divorcing) and brought him fishing etc. Will just really wnted to pay tribute to him and show support to the family.
Since Will has been in the bishopric for about three years, he has become much more comfortable and confident speaking in public!