Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 15 In Pictures

spring time is coming, is coming today!

Heidi found a baby snapping turtle by the waters's edge at junction creek.

A family walk.-one of my very favourite things to do. 
We went to the park afterwards, 
Will played tag with the kids while I went on the slide with Samuel.

This boy loves to be outdoors. 
He usually finds a stick to carry around right away,
he uses a stone or pine cone as a ball and rolls it along with his stick.
He's very coordinated for thirteen months old.

This week:

*Elora stayed with Grandma and Grandpa after Easter for an extended visit.

*Will and I toured a very old house in Richard's Landing with the idea of renovating it extensively
and turning it into a bed and breakfast.  I think we've decided it's too big of a job and we want to enjoy our kidlets.

*I cut everyone's hair, Heidi wanted hers short, I cut at least four inches off.

*Micah lost his other front tooth.  It's cute to see him toothless when he smiles.

*My favourite part of the week was a mini spa treatment for me from Heidi and Micah. 
They thought it up all by themselves when I was tired after cleaning, I received foot and hand massages, a cup of tea and other niceties.


Jane said...

Cool little turtle!!! Sometimes we find them by aunt Mary's. Yay for spring!

Katie said...

Samuel is really looking big. You guys sure know how to party.