Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17 (Katie)

                                                     Last day of gymnastics until the fall.

 Ant farm from Grandma. 
Mixing the plaster of paris and pouring it was fun.

                                                                          The play!

                                                                          It was awesome.

                                                                 Laurie made cake pops.

                                             I'm in negotiations to purchase this lovely lady.

My favourite part of the week? Having my neighbours and others over for the big Jillian Jiggs play. I think we had 16 in the audience. The children were amazing. It was adorable to see them "on stage".
Also, cheering Ezra on in his 1500m race. It was hailing and/or raining the whole time, but he ran anyway. I think he was 4th or 5th. Woot.


Megan said...

What race did Ezra go in?

The kids look cute in their costumes!
Is the violin for you, Mike or Ezra?

Katie said...

It's our homeschool track and field event. It's CELLO ya drunk.... and it's for me.

Jane said...

What a fun week! I am so impressed by the play - well done! I'm even more excited about the cello! You are accomplishing your goals in such a short time. I love the picture of you.

Megan said...

cello,violin, same shape ya'know!! But now that I look at the scale of the instrument... ;}