Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week Thirteen in Pictures (Jane)

Time wasted or well spent? Discuss.
On her 15th birthday!

"I will bake my cake, decorate my cake, light the candles for my cake, cut my cake...."
"you may carry my cake to me now, little peons"
the rainbow cake
This scene warms my heart - everyone playing games in such close quarters

Jumping on the tampoline at the O'Shraves
Grace's drawing - love the t-shirt slogans (mmm hmmm, well said my girl)
Finger puppets


Megan said...

What a lovely family!

Emma looks nice in pink, how can she be 15?!

ipod discussion:
In my opinion,too much time on the ipod playing games, browsing etc is wasted time. There are real, live people to talk to, to help, to have fun with. I don't want my kids to be oblivious to the latest technology, but I think a time limit is the perfect solution.

Katie said...

The "little peon" comment made me laugh- awesome.