Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 24 (Megan)

With such a small house, it feels spacious
in the backyard playing in this warm weather.

Micah creating a "Bubble Tree"
Beautiful blue robin eggs.
The mother built the nest atop a wooden ladder we have leaning against the shed

I love our rose bush, it came with lillies I transplanted from Jane.
What kind of rose is this Jane?

Teething.  Molars. Frozen strawberries seem to help.

We know he needs a haircut.  It seems sad to clip his baby ringlets though.

Chicken pox visited our house for the first time.
Micah was an amazing patient, cooperative.

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Jane said...

What? You dug up my prize roses - if Tilly Boulter takes the blue ribbon at the Charlottetown exhibit this fall, I'm holding you financially responsible!! Hee hee. I'm guessing they are either hedge roses or wild roses I got from Aunt Jennifer's yard quite a few years ago. Great pictures!!