Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 24 in Pictures (Jane)

Abbie reminds me of a little granny stirring a pot of porrige or soup at the stove.

but she's actually making hot chocolate fudge sauce for on top of icecream for the Scott's farewell

blueberry pancakes Isaac and I made Friday morning

David playing with his food

Jody "the rocket" Wildman

Abbie "the bomb" Wildman

David "the spazz " Wildman
Isaac "the pretzel" Wildman

Abbie took this as we drove home from camp.


Katie said...

Looks like fun Jane. Where is your jump picture? Would it be called Jane "the graceful" Wildman?

Jane said...

I doubt graceful will apply when the time comes in about mid july for me to brave these frigid waters. I haven't put more than a big toe in yet this year - I'm getting to be an old fuddy-duddy. I always had such disdain for the boring, wimpy adults when I was a kid and vowed I would never become one...

Megan said...

"The spazz"- you are funny! Looks like a fun week.

Will said...

I think it's Jane "where's the hot tub?" Wildman

Jane said...

too true will!!