Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 28

Remember last summer when Seth refused to take off his superman shirt?
His adoration continues.

He likes to choose his own clothes and loves to accessorize- a tie, a vest, sunglasses, this lovely red superman cape.
He often wears his cape to church over his dress shirt and tie. He goes for the cape when he wants to look special.
It's adorable. 

We journeyed to Palmyra to see pageant. 
Mike and I have been to all the historical sites, but pageant was a first for us. I liked the volcano/earthquake scene the best. 

Guess who we met there?

Love these guys!


Jane said...

I love that you let him wear his cape everywhere!

It's such a small world - so jealous that you got to see them, but happy too! I'd love to take the boys to see pageant sometime! I think they would like it.

Great pictures!

Sarah said...

I'm glad that he's getting lots of use out of the cape! Remember - if it ever needs to be repaired - you just need to bring it PERSONALLY to me! (Jax is really getting into the superheros too!)

Katie said...

Sarah, he LOVES it! You should go into business- it's great!