Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 29 (Megan)

Samuel the climber, prefers the more challenging method to the stairs.

Nothing like a hammock by the beach. 
Will relaxing after a job interview.
Heidi sent out invitations to Elora, Abbie and Grace for a tea party.

The event planners and organizers. 
Elora, Me,  Mom/Grandma, and Heidi

The faithful fishermen.

Samuel is a fashion guru.
He sports many different pairs of shoes, heels included, on a daily basis.
The helmet and hanger are new additions.

Micah had his time to stay alone with Grandma and Grandpa this week.  In his three days of holidaying he: went for a bike ride with Grandpa, went for ice cream with Grandpa, played at the beach with cousins, got a black eye while playing like crazy in the water with older cousins/friends(he didn't seem to mind) and he picked up the virus responsible for hand, foot, and mouth diasease. 
 Grandma watched "Alice In Wonderland" with him and let him choose his own treats at the store.
His favourite part of his vacation was going with Grandma to the historic fort for a re-enactment of events around the war of 1812.  While there, he was given an Indian arrowhead(which he is now wearing around his neck) and a wooden toy musket. He enjoyed learning about Courier DuBois and the soldiers, he was quite engrossed in it all.  
I could tell he soaked up the one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed being doted on just a little.  

Here's to an outstanding set of Grandparents!   Thank you for making wonderful memories with your Grandchildren that will be with them forever.  They love you and we love and appreciate all you do to assist us in raising extraordinary children!

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Katie said...

Who is the double dipper? (see carrot in dip above)