Sunday, September 2, 2012

That Blessed Arrangement

I married this crazy 10 years ago.

To celebrate, we were hoping for an exotic trip somewhere, but Annalise wouldn't go for it.... so we rented a couple kayaks and boated the Grand River. It was hours of awesome.

 * Alright, so not 10 years ago exactly.... August 30th in case you want to write it on your calendar and send us flowers and cards next year.


dkstewfam said...

Do you know how great we think you are? Congrats you two. Whether it's some exotic place or a couple of kayaks on the river, it's equally awesome when you're together! (PS I'm so glad I found your blog!)

Katie said...

Thanks Karri! I'm pretty excited to have an "outside" comment... lots of people look but feel uncomfortable to post a comment. Thanks for being brave!