Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Few Things From Week 38

 Have you heard about story stones? What a cool idea! We parked our van down by the river (quote?) and gathered as many flat, smooth stones as we could. After a good scrub and an hour in the sun, we broke out the paints and got our craft on. 

       I had three extra chicas here for a couple days this week. 
I watched them for a friend who was in the hospital. 

 8 hours of conference? I gave the oldest 3 each a roll of masking tape and let them stick to their hearts' content. 

My favourite talks here and here


Jane said...

OK, I seriously love you! I love the masking tape too - so clever! I want to live at your house too! Annalise is sweet and perfect in every way! And I want to know all about the top hats!

Jane said...

Oh, my Annalise comment really belongs in the next week.