Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner here on Monday.  We seated the 15 children first, these grandchildren who range in age from 12 months to 15 years, told me(or their Mom did) what they were each thankful for.
 I thought the list was so sweet, here it is:

Micah- family
Paul-Emile- love
Gabrielle- God and love
Isaac- our prosperous country
Elora- guinea pigs
Abbie-  water
Joel- Nanaimo bars
David- water in Joel's ear
Lilliane- potatoes
Gavin- turkey
Heidi- chocolate
Grace- animals, family and friends
Evelyn- Mommy and Daddy
Sophie- picking apples with my family
Samuel- telephones, apples and walks
Emma- sugar (Emma preferred to be seated with the adults this year, she even helped me with the dishes!)

via telephone:
Ezra- my house
Olive- my family
Seth- going on a walk
Annalise- climbing the stairs


Katie said...

I love that you did this! Good job! I think a new tradition of documenting the family gratitude is a sweet idea... I nominate you as chairwoman.

Jane said...

I second that nomination! I'm so glad you did this too!