Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 40

Seth turned 4 this week. 

To be honest, 3 was a hard year for him. A big move, a new baby- he had some major things to work through. We've cuddled and talked and taught and fed this year, trying to infuse him with love and give him skills (hit the pillow, not your brother) 
 He's slowly relaxing into a new city, a new house, a new family dynamic. He hasn't asked "why can't I be a baby anymore?" or said "I hate this house. I want to go back to our old house" in months. 
I've noticed a calm spreading over him.
And so we celebrated. We celebrated his sass and his spirit, his sweetness and intelligence. We celebrated his healthy body, his curiosity, his adorable affection. We celebrated the magic of childhood and the beautiful journey of a year.

 Can you guess what his favourite new toy is?

We had a superhero party full of webs, evil pinata planets and other shenanigans.......

I think year 4 is going to be a good one, do you agree?

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Jane said...

Nice! Seth is so beautiful. Love the commentary - he sure is sweet when we're around. I've seen the sass, but kinda forgot about it as it's been a while. Great shots!!!