Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Move- Part Two

After living in my Mom and Dad's basement for three months with my family of six,
house hunting until it wasn't fun anymore, and selling our home in Sudbury, we finally bought a house! 

It is a lovely home, with all of the character and foibles of a century home.  Yet this home has a three year old addition built on the back that melds old and new nicely.

What I love about our new house:

*The large vertical windows that have a ledge for little bums to sit and look out.
*The original baseboards, six inches high.
*A wood stove near our dining area
*The entryway
*It fits our family!
*The fourty year old asparagus patch in the backyard
*The rich, black soil in our yard for our garden
*The kids' rooms that are upstairs, have pine board ceilings, interesting angles and character.
*Nine foot ceilings.
*Cousins tromping back and forth to visit, walks to the library, to the skating rink, to G&G's
*Main floor laundry room

It was interesting after we had moved in one evening, I was tucking Micah into his bed, when he
said, "Mom our new house feels like our old one".

I agree, it does have the same good feeling, only bigger. 

I am also pleased to report that although living with my parents was not without it challenges for all of us, parents included, we left with our relationships intact.  I am amazed at the generosity and patience my parents showed.  I'll leave out the details of the few heated arguements between Dad and Me, who tend to push each other's buttons, when together for more then one week.

In fact, Mom and Dad were our first dinner guests, on Christmas Day, for a plump turkey dinner, with all the fixings.  


Katie said...

Living in mom and dad's basement- ha! ha! I'd like several posts about that experience please! It would be hilarious to read it from your perspective as well as theirs. You should have kept a journal on the counter that everyone could vent in.... Although it sounds like it wasn't all that bad.

Your new house is lovely. I really liked being there, by the fire, having a laugh-filled chat.

Megan said...

I love the counter journal idea!

I think Dad's journal entries would have been: "It's loud, so loud","It's nice that Heidi reads to me at night, we're reading Huckleberry Finn lately."

Mom's: "My house is so hard to keep clean now." "It is nice to have another cook in the kitchen, giving ideas, cooking"

They really are patient grandparents to all of our children.