Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making This House A Home

We needed to put coat hooks up.  I wanted something that suited my taste and the overall feeling of our new house.  We were lucky enough to find this one old barn board and one piece of original trim from 1912 or so, in the rafters of the garage here.
 I loved these two pieces, but I wasn't sure about putting them together. 
When my husband fit them together and trimmed the ends off, I was so very happy with the result. 
I think our house was happy to welcome back a piece of trim that had been gone for a long while.

Any part of my house that is functional, pleasing to the eye and boasts a rich history, is just right in my books.


Jane said...

I love the crackly finish on that old piece of trim. I love that you made something so unique and just found everything out in the garage rafters. Beauteous!

Katie said...

You have a good eye!