Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sixteen Candles

I don't think I ever really believed I would have a child with this many candles on her birthday cake. 

 Sometimes I want to hold Emma at about 10 years old.  Watching her learn and grow has been so satisfying, but having her grow right up is a little too final.  I worry that I haven't equipped her with enough knowledge, information, time, love, affection and devotion yet.  She is running toward independence, I don't think my heart is keeping up.

This girl is so beautiful in every way.  She has a kind heart.  She loves to be silly, funny, spontaneous, creative and goofy.  She has a fantastic laugh. She sings constantly, plays the piano/guitar often, dances a lot.  She fills our home with music and fun.  She loves sugar - caramel, chocolate, peanut butter....  She is a good friend.  She is a sweet daughter (except when she's not if you know what I mean).  She's a teenager after all.

I love this girl.

Happy Sweet Sixteen Emma!!!


Katie said...

I love the line about your heart not keeping up. Lovely. I feel prepared to keep her little as well.... although she's pretty awesome as is...hmmm.

Megan said...

Great pictures to capture her day. I love how Emma is who she is, regardless of what others think (sucking her thumb till how old??).
She certainly is a bright, headstrong girl and I am excited to see what unfolds in her future.