Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Penny For Your thoughts

So many of us struggle with the all important job of being a stay at home parent
 (some add homeschool parent on top of this).

We all want to be the best parents possible for our kids, so let's share ideas to help each other along, on this journey.

If nothing else you could just talk about your own experience, even if you feel like you are just "treading water".

  Here are some questions to get the wheels turning:

In what ways do you feel you are succeeding as a parent/homeschooler& parent?

Where do find your inspiration and determination to keep doing what you are doing?

How do you recharge yourself when mentally, emotionally or physically exhausted?

How do you remain patient with your little ones? 

Can you think of a day when you went to bed happy in the feeling that you were the best parent you could be that day?

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