Friday, December 5, 2014

Poetry Contest

 This summer the kids participated in a poetry competition courtesy of  a homeschool friend. ( They each won a prize for their entries. So adorable.

The best thing about Grandmas house…
Is that I can reach the tap
By Seth, age 5

Smooth sparkly water
The trees are still on the islands
I can see green wavy seaweed just under the surface
When I put my paddle in and go slowly, there are little whirlpools
under the water
Gentle wind blows my hair
I’m walking on water
By Olivia, age 8

I once made friends with a fly
It sat on my knee while I
Played the fiddle
Dum dum diddle
It sat on my bow
I tapped my toe
As I played the fiddle
Dum dum diddle
At the end of class
I put him in the grass
And had to say goodbye
By Ezra, age 10

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