Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week Four in Pictures (Jane)

I was looking at the huge area rugs at Home Sense while in Sudbury and must have been feeling a little funky cause I really like this flowery one. It would not actually go with our furniture at this time, but it suits the room, it is huge! and I think it kind of suits me. I took pictures to show Jody and to think about it..... I also bought a smaller, safer cream-coloured one for my room or....

Isaac giving me his angry look. We actually had a terrific time together this weekend and he smiled most of the time.

We were graciously hosted by my sister Megan and her family this weekend. It was so comforting to go back to their home and have real food like homemade soup & pizza and relax with them after the being in cold arenas, the noisy hotel and greasy restaurants with the team. It felt like a warm hug.

Isaac was given the MVP for the first game they played in their tournament this weekend. He also scored the only goal today. I had so much fun watching him play. He is such a sweet boy and he is really getting to be a fast skater.

David and Abbie at the outdoor rink with their school. Abbie can skate, but David was helping her go faster.

We had a freezing rain day on Monday - no school! So I let each of the kids choose a room to clean and we got the Monday work done together, practiced music and played games. I had high hopes for a fun day together and it sure started out and ended well, but the middle was a bit of a struggle.


Megan said...

Come again soon, nothing like a sister's company!

Katie said...

Love your week 4 stuff! I like the floral area rug too. It's fun to see pictures of your kids working. Nice that you could spend the weekend with Megan too- jealous!