Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freaky Deak

I've been "away" (mentally) and not at all in the "posting on a blog" zone. I don't know if it's the moon or the weather or just the month of January, but something has been up. The mini's have been HYPER. I felt I really needed to stayed tuned in and present with them this week.
So I did.
And I thought about stuff.

One thought:
I have always valued and been kinda jealous of Mike's ability to be patient, loving, gentle and happy, essentially most, if not all of the time. Where did this super-power come from? Why hasn't he trained me in the way of perma-calmness? (His answers are suspiciously unclear: "This is just the way I am" Wha?? )

Yet even with all his gifty gifts he cannot do this job of raising 4 kids without me. My skills as a momma and my unique personality are just what this family needs.

We watched a super lame movie last night and had a little discussion afterwards. Something Mike said stuck with me. "You could do my job (support the family financially) but I couldn't do your job (nurture, extreme multitasking)."  I wonder how true this is. I know he could do it, but it's a wonderful thing that we can divide and conquer according to our natures and gifts.
 Pair this rock star lady with that zen-like dude and you get a couple able to tackle the needs of this family. The craziness still throws us, but I believe if we both stay "signed in" to our parenthood account, we can do great things.
Or not.
But there's always the fact that I like to fold the laundry and he likes to put it away.
That will get us far.

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Jane said...

Katie, that gives me hope, I'm the folding type and Jody almost always does the putting away.... maybe it's about using our strengths and becoming a team. Love the way you express yourself!!