Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Picture A Day (Week 1)

Byman family came to visit. They spent  Dec 27- Jan 2 with us. They brought the flu. They also brought a huge jar of garlic stuffed olives so I've decided to forgive them. Mike and Will spent several days in Sudbury working on the Byman bathroom reno project. They joined us New Years Eve for a feast and some frolicking. Unfortunately neither Megan nor I could keep our eyes open past 10.

Annalise is cute.

We jumped back into our homeschooling routine Jan 3.

Cuddling on the couch with her "pink".

Seth fell asleep under the table and then woke up hungry. Here he is trying to stay awake for a snack.

Catch the Match. Lazy afternoon.

Ezra likes to make signs. This is what he made for Olive's "barber shop." So far she has offered hair brushing/styling and teeth brushing.

Megan and the children collected things on their nature walk and created a lovely display. This peacock feather was given to me by a lady in Hamilton. Micah found it and was persuaded to put it in the display instead of using it as a sword.

With Mike back to work after his glorious 3 month paternity leave, dinner is in the crock pot or not at all.

A new year and a new blog. First post.

Seth sleeping on my bedroom floor. Fatigue taking him by surprise. This boy rarely naps which is why I grabbed my camera to document the sweet moment.

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Jane Wildman said...

These are great! Love the crock pot - earthy, artsy... who would have thought from a crock pot!