Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inagural Post: Take One

Dear Katie,

My head hurts. I am determined not to succumb to the illness that has ravaged our home and three of the children this week. This wicked flu has sabotaged our second week of long-anticipated holiday, reducing it to a week of survival and quarantine. Abbie is moaning that her stomach hurts - still. Writing a coherent thought on this day is like reaching into thick fog trying to grasp a fleeting idea that slips from my fingers before ever fully forming. Not the inspiring first entry that I would have wanted it to be. But I am hopeful for it's future, and ours. I love the power of words and pictures to make concrete the somewhat abstract work that we are doing daily as mothers, homemakers, domestic goddesses and in just being ourselves.

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Katie said...

I have heard that mind over matter sometimes works in times such as these. I have fought every episode of the flu that I can remember having. Except my last one. It had already made itself quite at home here, so I just invited it into my bathroom and we had leftovers together.

(that was gross- sorry)