Monday, January 30, 2012

Pleasant Planning

  Monday mornings seem to stir up a need to write something, profound or not, so I shall.

 Will and I had a planning meeting last night and decided we should schedule in time for ourselves this week, both as a couple and time alone as individuals.  I officially have Tuesday evening to myself, somehow it feels impossible to believe this will work out long term though.  I have planned a walk so far and rejoice in the fact I am not on dish duty as well!
We have high hopes of a date night this friday, ideas for the date range from going out for dinner, buying jeans at bluenotes (home of my favourite jeans, that now have an enormous rip from crotch to upper thigh- another pant casualty due to squeezing in "skinny clothes" prematurely after having baby, and then stepping up into the van)
another idea: getting professional haircuts, since I am usually the hairdresser, this would be a fun change, and I am ready for some hair help. 
 Our children have been asking for a certain grade eight girl from school to babysit them.  Since I have yet to meet her, I decided to write a letter introducing ourselves to her and her parents.   I mentioned we could meet her parents beforehand so everyone feels comfortable.  After some discussion, Will and I settled on $10 an hour as the wage for her and I mention that in the letter as well.  We decided a babysitter will take the job more seriously and be inclined to return if she is paid well, even as a 14 year old.  We would love to have a regular date night and have "our" babysitter lined up, hopefully this works out.  I also suggested she bring a friend or sister to help her since our children are 8,6,4 and 10 months, I think it would be too much for one girl.
And the icing on the cake is that she lives quite close, so we won't have to drive accross the city to drive her home after our date. 

Just knowing that this week we have plans for fun, my load has lightened, considerably. 


Katie said...

We would all be wise to do some Byman style planning- you know, be proactive with all this winter around. Plan for success. Here's hoping the babysitter works out. What are these wonder jeans you speak of? Bluenotes eh?

patty said...

OK I know I am totally out of place on your blog ladies, but I just have to let you know that I am in awe of how wonderful and inspiring the three of you are. I am so blessed to have you all in my life and be able to get to know you a little better each time I see one of your pictures or read your comments. I think you are all so eloquent in your writing and able to express in words things that most people feel but don't know how to verbalize. I love you all! Keep doing what you are doing and inspiring those around you to be better!!

Jane said...

Patty! Thanks so much for your positive comments - feel free to come on here any time! We've only been at this a few weeks, but we're all probably ready for a little more feedback than our own over and over. You are truly one of my favourite people and I feel blessed to know you - write lots and let us know what you are up to!!