Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day

Heidi has been waking up in the morning, running for the ipod and checking the morning's weather, all in hopes of a snow day.  She has been rewarded, this week we have had two snow days!

I love switching gears from the usual morning dialogue:

"what are you wearing today Elora?  Yes if you choose your outfit, I will help you put it on,
Micah, would you like eggs, cereal or toast?
Ok everyone we have 35 minutes we have until the bus pulls up!  Heidi grab your book review and put it in your backpack, Will your ride is here! Have a good day, do you need a ride home from work today?
Where are your mitts and hat Heidi, yes you need them, it's -25 with the wind chill."  

I also love hanging three empty clean lunch bags back on their hooks, knowing that today there will be no cleaning them after school, no soggy crusts, no smeared yogout, no dried orange peels, hooray!  Sometimes an interruption of the schedule is refreshing.

 We switched gears to a Saturday morning.  We have bread in the oven, laundry to fold, a sleeping baby and a tent set up in the living rooom to play winter camping in the mountains, where Heidi was just attacked by a grizzly.

Outside the landscape is magical.  Huge puffy snowbanks, everything blanketed in white, our yard has almost disappeared.  The trees are weighed down, with branches bowing under the weight of the pure white snow.  Each of the windows have screens heavily dusted with snow, leaving only an oval of clear glass to look out.

I remember as a child, after having such a snow fall, someone opening the front door to reveal not our usual view of the porch but darkness caused by snow almost the height of the door frame.

What are your memories of snow days?


Jane said...

How fun! Our kids are longing for a snow day too - nothing so far. Yesterday Abbie was skating with her class and sliding on the hill at the school (I went to help). I am finding it so much more fun this winter to be out playing and enjoying the snow. It was hard with a baby tucked in my coat, now my baby is one of the big kids!

Jane said...

Yippeeee! It's Monday morning - we all have a freezing rain day...from the Sault to North Bay. No school for us today either. I have plans to bake and practise music with the kids. I think they all want computer turns.... How will our day actually go?? Have fun!