Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week Three in Pictures (Jane)

Abbie and I had a photoshoot after church today. She loved using the tripod and was quite professional - "ok now cross your eyes, make a face"...

This week I made a new dish duty chart for the family - thanks to inspiration from Megan's Blog. I think it will take a while for them to fully embrace their night, but here is Grace working away before she felt overcome and had to "go lie down"....

I finally got Isaac to clean his fish tank on Saturday too. While he waited for his home to be scrubbed and refilled, "Fishy" hung out in a crystal vase.

Emma got an Amaryllis plant for Christmas from her "Nan". It started blooming this week. I wish I had about 5 more. They look fantastic.

On Thursdays we go to Julie's for music lessons. David and Julie are working on a new song "Inisheer". Grace is learning to accompany David on the piano. Isaac asked to learn "Sourgrass and Granite" and has already gotten the first half figured out. Abbie refused to have her lesson today, but she usually plays the violin a little too. Emma was in the "recording studio" with Zach, Benoit and Vanessa working on their latest number. We are so lucky to have these guys in our lives!

Wednesday we went to celebrate the twins 6th birthday with them. They each had a candle on their own piece of cake (actually fantastic brownies with strawberries and whipped cream). They blew them out several times, then loaded each piece with candles and lit it ablaze. Gabriel loved watching the flame and waited as long as possible before blowing them out. Here they are making the flame "dance".

Also on Wednesday David and Abbie's classes went skating at the rink and Abbie's class went sliding at the school afterward.

Mealtimes have been fairly casual around here lately....

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Megan said...

awesome pics Jane. Cool mealtime shots.
I laughed at the familiarity of kids being overcome with doing dishes and having to lie down. They are funny characters aren't they?
Heidi was recently telling me she barely has time to help around the house with her busy schedule (school everyday and homework a few times a week plus activity days every second wednesday).