Monday, January 16, 2012


Will is doing, what is turning out to be his yearly cleanse.  I felt like such a kind hearted wife this morning, as I was up very early with the baby, and decided to bake something he could eat on the cleanse.  And bake I did, with freshly ground spelt, mashed banana, nutmeg, cinnamon, free range omega three eggs, I made (holistic detox friendly) spelt muffins for my man!
As I add spices to my cooking and baking, I love to think of each one's unique properties that are beneficial to our bodies.  Nature has given us some amazing herbs and spices, I get so excited about this type of information!
I found a chart in Dr Joshi's "holistic detox" book and a similar guide in Leo Galland's "Power Healing" book and thought I would share:

Detoxifying Spices

cinnamon- has anti- fungal activity.

nutmeg- helps to relieve stress.

cloves- control gum and tooth infections, is anti-nausea, combats colds, strengthens nerves and improves the circulation.

garlic- has anti-cancer, anti-flatulent and anti-bacterial/parasitic properties.

tumeric (major spice in curry)- is a natural antibiotic that relieves intestinal gas by lowering the numbers of gas forming bacteria.  Also had antifungal activity.  Used traditionally to relieve inflammation.

sage/rosemary- both contain the essential oil eucalyptol, which kills candida albicans, bacteria, and worms.

oregano- contains over 30 biologically active ingredients, 12 of those have anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-parasitic or anti-fungal effects.

thyme- anti parasitic activity.

The effective doses are more of the spice then you may normally consume. 
For instance, three cloves of garlic a day.  1/4- 1/2 teaspoon/ day of ground spice. 
It is also noted that heating them for more than 20 minutes at 200* F will destroy the antibacterial activity of most of these spices.  Add at the end of cooking, right before eating.

During my last visit to Mom's house she was suffering with a sore tooth and waiting to get in to see the dentist, so I shared the information about cloves.  She took the advice and started to bite down on a whole clove(without crushing it) and it worked!


Katie said...

Love the content on this post Megan. It suits you perfectly!

Will said...

And they tasted great too!