Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Week in Pictures (Week 2)

We couldn't get enough tabbouleh salad this week.
The kids love chopping vegetables. I always have someone willing to help with dinner prep. It's awesome.

Pizza dough/science study

I am striving to inspire this boy to love writing. This is his cookbook project. He is writing out various recipes (and making them). The word on the street is that boys like practical writing.

I love to see Seth's drawings- his people are adorable!

The bean-counter jar was re-born this week. We add beans for hard-work, kindness, jobs without whining, etc. Once it's full we do something fun as a family. This round our reward is a trip to the zoo.

Mike multi-tasking. He worked hard writing a talk for sacrament meeting (topic: revelation) in his "free time"

Every morning I set out several chore tickets and the children each choose a couple. On this particular day Ezra chose shoveling all the snow that arrived the night before. Olive and Seth went out and helped too.

Snowy snow pants left on the mat.

Kids baking. (Ezra using his own cookbook- the plan is working!)

We were delighted to have some company this weekend! It was lovely to see some family.

Mom made brownies!


Megan said...

Fun to see the fam at the dining room table. Any lively conversation? Who am I kidding, of course there was with you, Mike, Mom and the Aunt and Uncle all there!
Did they stay overnight?
I love your picture of the snowy pants on the floor.

Jennie said...

Wow, Katie! This is way better than what I put together! Your pictures are actually artistic (but who would expect otherwise!) I would love to see a few more pictures of you and your family - it's been forever since we've seen you.