Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week One in Pictures (Jane)

Abbie demonstrating how flexible she is......and how much it hurts when she goes a little too far!

Dance party in the house - Grace is always making up songs and dances and performing them in the livingroom

Isaac and his friend Micheal at hockey Saturday

Emma and David singing together - Emma is at the piano for hours these days.

Thanks to Emma, the kids finally made gingerbread houses today!

Laptop love - Need for Speed.

On this day we had the cousins Sophie and Lillianne for a visit - the girls played with dolls almost exclusively.

Abbie and her doll

Our kids spend a lot of time at the outdoor rink down the road. It feels so healthy and very Canadian! It is the community gathering place for these next few months of cold, wintery weather.

David & friends facing off.

Emma looking out the window apres skate.

Abbie and her friend Annie taking a break.

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Katie said...

Jane, I love these pictures! I love to think of your family singing around the piano- inspirational! I feel jealous that your kids can walk down the street to the rink- a healthy and lovely way to spend a wintery afternoon.