Monday, February 27, 2012

First Crushes

Micah is six years old and creating works of art for a girl he likes in his grade one class, named Teagan.

I was surprised at the time and precision that went into the picture he brought to school for her today.  The picture showed Teagan frolicking under an apple tree wearing a blue tutu, with the sun, birds, and clouds above her and also the words, "I Love You". 

I am wondering what kind of reaction we should expect from one child's profession of love?

Will Teagan show the note to others, laughing?  Will she tuck it away to keep forever?  Will she drop it like a hot coal and stomp on it with her muddy boots?

Micah is quite sure the feeling is mutual and that she and many other girls his age like him "more than a friend".

Remembering back to my day.  I was married quite a few times at his age, holding hands in the playground.  The six year old minister was busy, with kids lined up each recess.

My first crush without a doubt, was Lucas.  The jogging pant suits never bothered me. 
 I remember being personally hurt and fiercely defending him when others would tease me, by chanting "Luuuucassss Pukeaaaaas!

The only time my affections waned, was during story time on the carpet when I watched him pick his nose and oh no- he didn't-yes, eat it.  Well that was gross.

I don't remember all the particulars of his not returning my affection.  I do remember attacking his picture with a thumb tack in all of the class pictures I had at home, because he was being mean to me.  Another time, literally forcing him to stand beside me, so a friend could take a picture of us.  (It wasn't as charming as I thought it would be when the picture came back and visibly showed his struggle to escape from me).

Finally after years, he asked me to sit with him on the bus,for a field trip to a magic show.
 I was on top of the world!  Then a "will you go out with me Megan?" this was all I had dreamed of! 
But then, a short time later a "my family is moving to southern Ontario." 
Heart break afresh.
Well it was all for the best.  I can now look back with a mixture of embarrassment for my behaviour and that of perseverence being rewarded in the end.

Now, many years later, Will and I have high hopes that our girls won't inherit my boy-craziness. 

Since Heidi is more interested in books than anything else and Elora is our shyest child with a fiesty dislike of the opposite sex in her age group, so far so good for the girls. 

Just maybe it's our boys we'll have to keep an eye on!


Jane said...

Cute Megan!

I didn't know about Micah's crush. Abbie has a Kindergarten love - Tyler - who puts his arm around her and hugs her at school. She is pretty sure they are getting married.

I remember your crush on Lucas - I think I was one of your tormentors.

I also got married in grade 3 - to Ryan Cain - I could never really have married him with my first name. It was ill-fated from the start. Mom wouldn't even let me wear a dress to school for the occasion. People brought us wedding presents though.. weird.

Katie said...

You're bringing up all manner of memories with your last two posts. It's hilarious to think back to those first crush days. Didn't you make me come along on a little "playdate" with one of your first crushes? Was it Lucas? I remember he tried to get me to go play barbies with his little sister so you could watch a movie together. You wouldn't let me leave. You did the dagger-eyes thing.

Megan said...

The movie date thing was a lot later, probably grade six or so and was ironically with Lucas' cousin Chris.
I don't think I was very infatuated with him. I did the dagger eye thing probably because I didn't want him to hold my hand or anything.
Hey thanks for helping out so much during the many years of boy craziness!