Monday, February 27, 2012

Week Eight in Pictures (Jane)

This week in pictures is dedicated to Grace on her 8th birthday.

Running on the lake - so thrilled to be out on the ice by themselves.

Grace and Heidi.

The Bymans threw Grace a birthday party on Friday - cupcakes & the pocket game.

Grace sporting beautious new scarf from the Bymans.

Grace and Shelene.

Cake #2 at Primary party - thanks Lisa! Love how she's letting Abbie help.

Emma made her birthday crown this year.

Grace deciding on her birthday wish before blowing out the candles on Sunday.


Megan said...

Gracie girl, one of a kind! We enjoyed seeing a lot of her this trip.

Megan said...

How many cakes did Grace enjoy over the weekend?

Jane said...

On friday she had your delicious vanilla cupcakes with smarties on top. On saturday Lisa Kent made her a banana cake with penuche icing at the Primary party at mom's house. On sunday we had angel food cake & brownies with raspberries and whipped cream.

Grace says:
So that is 4 cakes!!! I love cakes!!!

I think she feels pretty loved.