Monday, February 13, 2012

Jane's Room

I am surprised at how much my children love hearing stories about when I was a little girl.  The stories really do stick in the kids' minds.

When I went to the school to pick up Micah last week, he was in the middle of re-telling a story of  eleven year old me, to a teacher. It's all about being lost at Canada's Wonderland, with the moral of the story being "stay in one place when you are lost".

I have told so many stories to the children, I may have run out of worthwhile memories to tell!

 In trying to help Heidi see how her actions affect her little sister, I recently told the story of
"Jane's Room":
 Heidi, when I was around eight years old and my older sister Jane was sixteen years old (making the year 1988) I thought she was the coolest person!  Sometimes she would let me hang out in her room.  Her room had many wonders;  the posters taped on the wall of guys like Kirk Cameron and Rob Lowe, the queen sized waterbed, the giant "ghetto blaster" with a tape player and the collection of tapes in a leather case, her white antique looking telephone, and her cool clothes and makeup. 
Just by letting me look at her stuff once in a while and treating me kindly, I felt like we were friends and I could talk to her about my "problems" like girls being mean at school etc, Jane had (and still has)a positive influence on me throughout my life.  Her actions helped me feel loved and calm.  I wanted to be just like her and that's how your little sister feels about you!

Heid has been really great with Elora lately, maybe my story worked to get her thinking, for now.

 I wonder what story they will request tonight?   "Dad and the Measuring Tape", "Christmas Morning" "Poop in Aunt Jennifer's Car" or "The Birds Think My Hair is Nesting Material", "Adam Throws Up On The Cat", "Skating Home" the list goes on.


Katie said...

You have a fabulous memory! Can you write all this stuff down and send it to me? (or blog about it- but maybe not the poop in the car one...?) I'd love to tell my children about my childhood- help me Megan!

p.s- I used to pray (it was desperate pleading really) every single night that I'd grow up to be as beautiful as Jane.

Jane said...

Oh dear. That is really sweet. It is so fun hearing things from your perspectives Megan and Katie, you both tell a good story and remember things so differently than I do. I would love to have a collection of stories that you remember too, that would be a great family project! The poop in the car one is classic - all the Aunt Jennifer stories are. We could have a chapter just on Aunt Jennifer stories. Am I remembering it right?

Jane said...

I want to hear all of the other stories you mention too!