Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Six in Pictures (Jane)

Everyone was nutso and giddy all weekend.

Isaac heading to the rink.
Abby made a valentine for Tyler- her kindergarten love.
Jody getting all artistic. Credit where credit is due.
Unconventional tic-tac-toe.
Abby and I playing Cadoo.
Abby's hammer sculpture.

Things from this week that I wish I had a picture of:

  • Me eating a whole bunch of chocolate desserts while judging a contest.
  • David scoring a goal today in hockey.
  • Emma, two of her friends, Jody and I all out to the movies Friday night.


Megan said...

Jane what a job you have every year judging chocolate! Which dessert won?

Katie said...

Your pictures are so lovely and artistic. We have beautiful lives.

Karen said...

Maggie has a pic of the 3 girls from the booth while they waited for you & Jody.

Jane said...

re: Karen - they are cute pictures of them, I should have thought of that and scanned one in.... I kind of forgot about photo booths -they are so fun.