Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Life and Times of The Landlords

We knew the day was coming.  We knew our perfect tenant, who paid her rent early, didn't mind hauling her laundry to a laundromat and left nearly every weekend to visit family (allowing us time release dance moves and stifled jumping), we knew this working professional who never had a complaint, would some day move up and out. 
Out of our one bedroom, renovated, $675- all inclusive basement apartment and into a new place.

Well the day came and went.

One month went by and still I didn't repost the ad to find a new tenant.  I didn't feel like answering the phone anytime someone wanted information about the apartment.   I just wasn't up to using my super sense to weed out the unsuitable candidates over the phone, I didn't feel like setting up appointments for apartment viewings in order to have fifty percent not even show up. 

As the financial crunch started I realized I needed to do my job, so I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and then started the long process of finding someone who would want what we had to offer.  Someone I believed could pay their rent every month, who would contentedly tolerate a family of six living above them, someone who could come and go on our property without giving me the creeps.

After about fifty email enquiries I responded to, and a few no shows, we showed the apartment three times. 
One showing was on a warm, snow melty kind of day, I opened the door to the tiled entryway and looked down the stairs to see a decent puddle at the bottom, I was perplexed at first and then realized the outside wall had leaked into the entryway of the apartment.  He didn't rent it.  And we have a large job before us, starting today.

Finally, after three months of vacancy, a jovial man paid us first and last, says he will be with us for a year, and now calls our apartment home.

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Katie said...

Megan, I'm glad you posted a picture with this since I've never been in or seen your basement apartment. It's interesting to see what I've heard so much about. Fingers crossed that this new "jovial" guy will work out!