Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Week in Pictures (Week 5)

Monday was filled with delights. This blow-out poop was one of them. Notice the smear down the leg.

                           Watching the city workers install the new stop sign.

               A pile of raisins. Carefully picked from the cereal by one of my children.

                                                   The morning iglow.

Homemade play dough. The boys made this recipe more or less by themselves. Ezra added it to his recipe book.

 Children are always hungry. Something I learned from music camp- make the next snack while doing food prep at breakfast or lunch. For example I cut up vegetables and cheese while cleaning up breakfast. I put this tasty selection in a fruit tray container I saved. I snap the lid on and stick it in the fridge for the inevitable 10:30 whine for a snack. Helps with sanity- some days I feel like I am in the kitchen all day.

 Homemade marble runs. This was really fun. We used cereal boxes and the like.

 My favourite part of the week was a long, family walk we took on Saturday. Amazing that we can do this in February!    

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Jane said...

Impressed that you snapped a picture before tackling the blowout! Love the marble run - makes me want to be more creative with my kids too. You rock! It's amazing how little snow you have - none i guess - in the picture of your walk! Crazy winter!