Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week Five in Pictures (Jane)

At Abbie's urging we made Valentine cupcakes today.

Grace practicing her oral for Jody.... Jody teaching Grace how to pat her head while rubbing her stomach.

Grace working hard on Valentines for the whole family.

Emma choosing her colour scheme for the room redo. She's trying to find the perfect paint colour.

Abbie writing her "to do" list.

Emma and I tore the ceiling out of her room - she even got a blister on her thumb from pulling out all of the staples. There is a lot of work to do....

Isaac clearing a path - we haven't had much snow this year, so it's still kind of a novelty.

Some noteworthy things from this week that I wish I had a picture of:
  • Helen McRae pulling us behind her horse on a giant homemade crazy carpet
  • Fireworks, bonfire and snowball fights with all of the McRae's
  • Carolyn set apart as a missionary!
  • Isaac scoring a goal and getting two assists on Saturday
  • The girls dancing at Robbie Burns night in the Sault (last weekend)


Katie said...

Woot! Woot! I'm glad we are doing this- week 5 already! Love your stuff!

Megan said...

Good for you and Emma! I think the gray grounds the room, white and turquoise light and lively.

I've got a whole $75.00 in my camera savings fund, wonder which week I'll be joining in on?