Friday, March 9, 2012


I hang up the phone slowly, gently
not wanting to offend the quiet, thick
Tears spring for a moment
"I love you Kate" still hangs
and I feel good
you thought of me,
need me,
know me,
want to share your night hour
Simply talking, talking simply
And I need you too
To remind me who I am and where I've been
and lived
and experienced
maybe grown?
At times I feel so different
far from "I love you Kate"
but that is me
and when the me now
finds the me there
it's right and settled.
An ache for time passing
A choice or tear
or something similar
reaching you
In your hour that lasts longer (than seems possible to endure)
Just consider
the effect
"I love you Kate"
The power of words
bringing old to new
and past to now
(for a moment)
being Kate
and loving her myself.


Jane said...

there are no words....

Megan said...

beautifully written Katie.