Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 10 in Pictures (Katie)

Monday we went to the TO science center.
Half of my face in a wild screaming pose will have to
 suffice for the "me" in this week.

The kids finished their swimming session- Ezra and Olive both move up.
 Ezra was so excited to pass that he ran dripping
 wet to the observation area to show me his card.

We changed a million light bulbs all over this house.
We have some weird electrical thing going on.

This makes me laugh.
Mike makes the BEST breakfast.

The baby and I went to the local music store to check out the city's offerings.
They have musicians play every Saturday.
This bad was playing "Zombie" by the Cranberries when we walked in.
The drum was cool.
 I played two of the three cellos they had for sale.
I'm going to buy when I find the right one.
Homemade haircuts for the boys.

Art project- crayons and watercolour.
Mooched from
Inspired by Kandinsky.

That's week 10. My favourite part of the week? The beautiful weather (enabling me to take all the kids on a big walk down the trail) and the lazy weekend.


Jane said...

Ten weeks! I feel so much more connected to what's happening in your family and life with this little project. Maybe this summer you can teach us your new art technique... looks so fun! Or maybe over the Easter weekend - that's in a month...hint hint. And Mike can make us breakfast.

Megan said...

Cute picture of Olive. Mike serving up a morning feast with steam from the pan looks inviting, scrambled eggs?