Monday, March 5, 2012

Science Center

Mike had the day off work so we headed to Toronto to check out the science center.
10 minutes in, Seth had to pee.
Side of the road.

It was a decent drive. The kids played games and ate the good stuff out of the lunch we packed. It was fun to see the skyscrapers and CN tower.
Have I ever been to the top? I can't remember.

So, science center.

We made it to 2 of the 6 floors. We liked the kidspark floor best. It's geared to 8 and under. Perfect.
Olive dug the water area.

The 'build your own ramp' exhibit was fun too. Ezra and Olive spent a lot of time here. They attracted some attention with their very long (went out into some other exhibits) ramp.
Ezra liked the planetarium and going in a space hover craft. (I don't have a picture because I was nursing somewhere)

Seth loved it all.

Annalise did not.

We had some laughs and shed some tears.

It was a family outing.


Jane said...

I love the Toronto science centre, I totally want to go with you sometime!! Poor Annalise - it's so hard for the 1 and under crowd! I commend your bravery in undertaking the adventure. Looks like the others really loved it! Jealous.

Jane said...

ps. You rock!!

Megan said...

We are going to our Sudbury equivalent- Science North, tommorow.
Heidi has fun dissecting cow eyeballs, Micah loves building his own car and racing it on the track and Elora likes the mini telephone booth set up to call over to the other telephones at the centre. I would love to bring the kids to the TO centre, too.