Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's on your kitchen floor?

It's time to sweep.
I know it and you know it.

Today we have a smattering of
 cucumber peelings,
 lego guy wrapped in pipe cleaner and tape,
 plastic tearaway top from the romaine hearts,
 a small boat-shaped egg shell,
 a peel and stick mustache,
 a "peacock blue" pencil crayon,
 three dried kidney beans,
 some cheddar cheese,
 a balled up black sock and
 a chunk of wood in the process of being whittled into a car.

Kind of says a lot about what goes on at my house.

What does your floor look like?


Alana said...

Bread crumbs, toys, a partly crumpled paper, a sippy cup with its accompanying trail of water, and a few stray socks! I liked the post...when you get down to "kid" level for a min and look around, motivation to clean it increases!

Megan said...

Well ours isn't too bad since I swept last night. Although with a one year old eating finger foods, the job is never done.

There are pieces of avocado peel, apple chunks, papery garlic skins, a smattering of books-baby and others that Samuel has pulled off the shelf, and some lovely grey dust bunny/hair clusters that form at the base of stool legs.

Jane said...

Ok - here goes - little scraps of crinkle cut paper, pink foam sticker scraps, pistachio shells, 2 lunch bags, some kids artwork, a canadian tire dollar, a wooden plug from the stools at the counter that keeps falling out, various crumbs & bits of food, a paint can and brush, a few containers that don't fit into the overflowing recycling bin, and a bag of red onions. Yikes, the kitchen is priority #1 today.