Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Ten in Pictures (Jane)

David always resists practicing his music. I hope someday he will play just for the love of it, and not because we "force him".

Isaac really, really loves Cookie. I think he and Grace are the most devoted pet owners out of our family.

Cat scratched. I wasn't impressed when she swiped at David.

Abbie coming in from the frosty weather. This spring is so odd - minus 25 on Monday, plus 2 on Tuesday.

I'm mixing primer with water to "white wash" the pine boards for Emma's ceiling.

I just went ahead and painted them in the hall and livingroom. I managed to get a few streaks of paint on the carpet....ooops, guess we'll have to rip it out now.

Fraser's 38th birthday.

I couldn't resist a picture as I'm rolling on the paint. That will have to suffice as the picture of me this week - I'm holding that roller. The colour looks a little different in person.

Every morning I am met with the daunting task of making 5 lunches.

Jody helping me to cut boards for the ceiling. Love the pencil and the sawdust flying.

Isaac and I out tromping through the puddles.

When I was little, I imagined that these little streams of melting snow along the sides of the road where inhabited by little people who traveled by leaf boat down the river. It sure feels like spring!

Abbie, Grace and their friend Leah playing in the almost completed playhouse. It was such a beautiful day that Jody insisted that they play outside this afternoon. They spent hours up there!


Katie said...

Love your stuff again this week. You have an amazing eye for beauty. My favourites are the one of Jody, the lunches (those look delicious by the way- is that yogurt, fruit and granola? Lucky kids)and the shadowy puddle one. Awesome!

Megan said...

I love the puddle pictures! Great shots Jane.