Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Eleven in Pictures (Megan)

I sprained my foot on Friday carrying Samuel down our front steps,
I was up in excruciating pain most of Friday night,
I need to remember to: R.I.C.E- rest, ice, compress, elevate.
Not easy to manage a busy household limping around!

Samuel enjoying the sunny weather.  He is such a sweetheart!

Micah chose these. 
I usually buy tulips, these are very cheerful though.
 We placed these downstairs
as we have been showing our apartment again.
The last tenant-the jovial male,
 kept us all up one night, he didn't work out.

 Muddy play time has finally arrived again!

Elora in our backyard play fort, spring hurray!!

 Micah's mud soup.

 The toys come outside.  Micah with his dinosaur.

Quinoa salad with legumes and herbs.
Mixed greens with chicken and herbed goat cheese drizzled with
 homemade maple-balsamic dressing.
One of my favourite lunches.

Wish I had pictures this week of:

 Micah and Will in Sunday best, going out the door to deliver a plate of dinner to a lady I visit teach.

Heidi, Elora and I going for a date to the show to see "Alvin and the chipmunks-chipwrecked" (I give it 2.5 stars)

The boys going downhill skiing and out for pizza

Heidi and Micah doing an errand for me (they went to the neighborhood meat shop to buy chicken for supper, I asked them to buy 6 bone-in ckn breasts and they came back with 3 boneless- oh well, all a learning process.  They loved being trusted with a crisp twenty dollar bill.  Although I get slightly nerveous as they leave, I can see them pretty much the whole way to the shop.)

Our family friends out in the sugar bush with us helping and having fun.  All of the twelve kids that came helped and also enjoyed playing with sticks, trees, and using their imaginations. 

Phew, two weeks mapped out, I think I am all caught up now!!

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