Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week Ten in Pictures (Megan)


Heidi and Micah finished their last jackrabbit cross country skiing lesson for the year.
  Micah skiied 83km this year and last year combined.
This was Heidi's first year taking lessons, she skiied 38km.
  Will took them to lessons every saturday and enjoyed skiing the trails himself.

Will welded his own evaporator for making maple syrup. 
We have a permit for a piece of land near Killarney Provincial Park
for making syrup this year.  Will has put in 35 taps so far.
 He loves that he is achieving something he's always wanted to undertake! 

We had a 10 minute trek from the highway to reach the sugarbush. 
 It was brilliant to have snowshoes as the snow was knee deep and heavy.

Elora perched on the sled of equipment.

We set up a shelter under these majestic white pine trees.

The sap boils in Will's creation.

Micah checks for sap in our buckets
The buckets are the ones we got from bulkbarn,
washed remnants of peanut butter and tahini out of,
 stored in our shed for a year
-all for use as sap collectors without lead solder.

Heidi reading her Nancy Drew book in the shelter

 The finished product from one day's work. 
The syrup is so delicious, it is dark
and has a more distinct maple flavour
then commercial syrup with a slightly smoky maple taste.

Homemade waffles with wheat ground in our kitchen,
 local blueberries we picked last summer
and our own maple syrup!

The kids and I drove into the town of Killarney one day
 from the sugarbush as it started to rain. 
Killarney reminded me a lot of Richard's Landing. 
this view reminded me of the wharf.
We went to the grocery store in Killarney to buy food for dinner
and to my bewilderment they only carried wonderbread
for our sandwiches,
we did find some large, delicious and juicy oranges there.


Katie said...

Hey! Welcome! My favourites are the one of the snowshoes against the tree, the sap boiling and the wharf one. I cannot believe you actually trudged out to the bush in shoe shoes and tapped a bunch of trees with 4 kids in tow- you guys are powerhouses!

Jane said...

My thoughts too! Amazing how many outdoor adventures you take such little kidlets on - hiking, skiing, boating, fishing, etc. You are creating great experiences and memories for your family. Great pictures Megan - you definately have an artistic eye.